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Ke$ha vs Uffie
So by now, we’ve all figured out that the cool canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store to do before going out is to brush our teeth with a bottle of jack. At the present time, Ke$ha seems to have exploded everywhere. No matter where canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store go you can’t escape her curly blonde hair and wanna-be bad attitude. And along with her recent explosion the chit chat has begun. The blogshpere chit chat seems to be comparing Ke$ha to Uffie.

I agree with the comparisons. It feels as though record labels took the idea of Uffie and made canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store more mainstream and bankable. Hence the $ in Ke$sha’s name. I’m so embarrassed with whoever decided to spell her name like that. SERIOUSLY? $ERIOU$LY?

anyways you get the point, and I’m sure you all feel the same.

I was a huge Uffie fan back in grade 12. I would rock out in my bedroom with just a bra on pretending to be as bad ass as her. Due to my love for the Uff and her glock I have problems with Ke$ha. My biggest issue is that I just don’t believe her. I think she is more serious about her ripped up wet seal t-shirts than she is about her music. I mean I heard her being quoted somewhere that one of the groups she pulls inspiration from is LMFAO. That’s a huge problem.

But in the end I’m not sure if ripping off Uffie is that big of a deal. Besides morally being lame of course. But these two girls don’t even party in the same circle. And there similarities won’t really affect anyone except for pissed off Uffie loyalists. I don’t think their fans even over lap at all. If you listen to Ke$ha you probably don’t even know she is biting someone else’s style. And if you’re an Uffie die hard you probably don’t even know who the money loving Ke$ha is.