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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Do you ever wonder why you didn’t think up this amazing idea that you knew would be a hit, but you just didn’t do it?

Case in point:

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, wonderful, but also quite isolating. Your friends and family may not get why you are so passionate about a business that canada goose outer shell outlet online don’t particularly understand. Right?

So this is the idea:

Meet other women that are also going through the same experience.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well, a great friend, amazing entrepreneur, and even better hairdresser also thought about this. But this is where canada goose outer shell outlet online gets different – she did something about it!!

Simple concept: the host provides dinner, the guests bring the libation, and the leader of the pack introduces our speaker and leads a round-robin-style introduction.

And this is the best part – we all share details about our life, business and anything else going on in our life that we need help with. And, in turn, we provide help to others.

Call canada goose outer shell outlet online therapy or business coaching – point is, a simple concept only works if you act on it.

So tell me, what is YOUR simple concept?