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Last week I talked about GOOD’s Harmony Ecosystem chart and its efforts to better the world canada goose arctic north outlet online a micro and macro scale. It turns out GOOD is not the only organization concerned with putting global concerns into perspective.

The NewScientist site featuresBlueprint For A Better World. The Blueprint begs the question “Are we getting better or worse?” and seeks to answer canada goose arctic north outlet online through a series of charts representing different global issues over time. Each chart includes a thumbs up or a thumbs down symbol indicating whether or not a situation has improved internationally.

Looking at the big picture, canada goose arctic north outlet online seems as though quality of life is improving even in developing countries. (more…)


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Fraser Valley Real Estate Market: January 2013
The standoff continues. MLS sales, listings and prices are barely budging, but the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board (FVREB) sees promising signs. Board president Scott Olson says, “People want to buy. We’re already seeing early signs of a typical spring market with more foot traffic at open houses and an increase in calls.”

People were holding their breath to see if sales and listings would take off in their usual January fashion, signaling the start of the spring buying season and the end of the stare-down between buyers and sellers that we’ve been seeing since October.

Sales didn’t. New listings did.

January’s 617 sales in the Fraser Valley were down 23 per cent from January 2012. That’s the second-slowest January in 13 years, bumping January 2012 out of the spot.

The lowest January for sales volume was 2009, the depth of the recession, with only 389 sales. In the year leading up to that, new listings started dropping off in September, and when January arrived, new listings were down 30 per cent from those of January 2008.

January 2013 listings didn’t follow that same pattern. They were down only 4.2 per cent from January 2012, after going through their normal annual drop starting in November of 2012. If canada goose trillium jacket sale store look at the numbers, new listings in the first month of the year have held pretty steady in the last few years: 2,643 in 2013, 2,753 in 2012 and 2,632 in 2011. (This is a big relief to our two House Hunters, Gerald and May, who’ve been looking in the Newton area and say that from December through mid-January there was nothing new out there in their price range.)

There were 8,031 active listings in January the third-highest total in the last ten years. But because of low sales, the sales-to-active-listings ratio is down at 8 per cent. Except for September 2012, that ratio hasn’t been reached since the 2008-9 period.

The wait-and-see situation can only go on so long, particularly in the Fraser Valley. This is the most affordable region of the Lower Mainland, where young families go to buy their first home or move up from a condo to a house with a yard.

Scott Olson says, “The number-one reason people buy a home is a lifestyle decision you need a bigger home, a smaller one, closer to work or school so when the right home comes along you can only wait so long.

“With interest rates as low as canada goose trillium jacket sale store are, our local economy as strong as canada goose trillium jacket sale store is and prices so tenacious I think we’ll see the effects of this pentup demand and a return to more balance in the market.”


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Then and Now
It’s that time of year, or at least canada goose chilliwack bomber red for sale feels that way: summer is almost here. Last weekend we had a brief, albeit enjoyable, heatwave. Mid to low 30-degrees was reached over the weekend and canada goose chilliwack bomber red for sale had many of us rummaging through drawers we didn’t expect to open for another month or so.

We’ve seen the beach packed with swimmers and the pool bursting with keen athletes ready for a summer of water sports or just making a conscious effort to improve their health and fitness.

Fitting sports swimwear is completely different to a fashion bikini you’d get from Billabong or Roxy or Tigerlilly. Sporty togs, whether a one-piece or two-piece, requires a bit more attention.

It needs to stay on, be comfortable for your chosen activity, withstand rigorous wear and most of all suit canada goose chilliwack bomber red for sale and your shape. There’s a lot of boxes to tick. Fortunately women’s sporty swimwear has come leaps and bounds in the past few years. Gone are the heavy dull lycras with black and navy blues as if women in the water was as rare as a white whale. There are heaps of amazing brands and labels out there with cutting-edge design technology that look great in and out of the pool and meet the demands of the most fastidious purchaser.

Did you know leading labels such as Arena Australia, Zealous Swimwear, Hive Swimwear, Betty Designs and Slix Australia go through rigorous amounts of testing before releasing their stock to the market? They test straps for rubbing, padding for movement, lycra and stitching for wear and tear as well as prints for colour retention.

And when I say testing designers of these leading edge brands take their samples to real female athletes and say “here, try this and tell me what you think”. Kite-surfers in Queensland, Olympic divers in London, surfer chicks in Bali, pool swimmers in Italy and triathletes and ironwomen in the US.

It’s reassuring to know that performance swimwear is required to stand up to the demands and expectations of today’s female athlete – amateur to the professional.

Tomorrow we touch on how to get the right fit for your sports swimmers as it’s a little different to the ones you wear when strutting on the beach! Thanks for stopping by!


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Category Archives: teaching
A few weeks back, I was asked to work with some educators who were at the senior management level in their board. They told me that canada goose long down jacket online store wanted everyone in the organization to model the kind of learning canada goose long down jacket online store wanted to see at the classroom level.

We were specifically working on ways to make thinking and learning visible to a wide audience, inviting feedback and conversation.

Certainly we want all of our learners to engage with a broad audience and learn with others outside of their immediate classroom. But if we want to model the kind of learning we expect to see in classrooms, we need a clear picture of what that should look like.

In Ontario, we have several documents to guide our thinking about what classrooms should look like. I have outlined some of those documents below.

Specifically: To achieve success, Ontario will:

• Invest in the technology, design and infrastructure required for the classrooms of the future to serve the needs of all communities.

• Invest in innovative teaching practices and instructional methods enabled by technology to more precisely engage and address the learning needs of all students.

• Give students more flexibility and ownership in their learning, allowing them, for example, to determine whether canada goose long down jacket online store want to spend more time on elearrning or on learning outside of the classroom

• Provide new online learning and professional development opportunities for both teachers and students, particularly those in rural and remote communities, including opportunities for virtual cooperative education placements.

“I’m an Ontario student, and my world is constantly changing.

I live in a world where technology is everywhere.

I can connect with a friend in another part of the globe, just as easily as I can with a friend down the street.

When I graduate high school, I will enter a world that is more competitive and connected than ever before.

My education will prepare me for that world.

My school will be a place where my friends and I can be successful, regardless of where we come from.

A place where we are inspired to learn by engaging teachers using new technology.

Our diversity will not be a barrier, but rather a reason for our success.

We will develop the strength of character to overcome obstacles and be resilient, whatever comes our way.

We will feel safe and welcome, and know that our well-being is supported inside and outside of school.

We will be the innovators, community builders, creators, skilled workers, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

As an Ontario student, I will achieve excellence.”

To achieve this in our classrooms, what practices need to be modelled by educators?

A good starting point is the ISTE Standards for students, teachers, coaches (professional learning facilitators) and administrators.

This is a sample of the first two standards for school and system leaders:

As leaders, what are we modelling?

As leaders, what practices do we need to change to ensure we are modelling the kind of learning we want for our students? What supports do we need to get there?

Further: In Ontario, as we consider the ways we ask our students to engage in pedagogical documentation, how are we modelling this practice for our students? How do we document our own professional learning?

You can find some great thinking on this topic on the Langwitches Blog here: http://langwitches.org/blog/2014/07/01/documenting-for-learning/

On June 23rd The Centre for Global Education held a symposium for Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB) to celebrate and honour the work of EPSB students and to look at what next year will bring. Terry and Maureen did a fantastic job with the event. I took photos and live Tweeted as the symposium got underway.

Here’s the Storify archive:

The post The Centre for Global Education Symposium appeared first on Rhonda Jessen.com.


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The Perfect Match
We are told…anything you want, you can have. In the world of dating is this true? Is there a number/rating match that determines who should be with who?

consciously or not we find ourselves physically drawn to good looking people, obviously this is due to our pheromones, our sexual desire, but real canada goose parka jackets store at toronto also goes deeper within us as an integral need and desire for healthy, strong, beautiful children.

Women are attracted to strong men. This creates the feeling of safety and protection. To feel feminine, we require a man who is masculine, dominant than ourselves.

Men are drawn to kind, loving women, these characteristics provide the basics of creating a good home.

When real canada goose parka jackets store at toronto comes to physical attraction, is there a like attracts like system? For example, does a man who works out, with a 6 pack, takes his health seriously, find a girl that does the same attractive? Or is it better to be from separate worlds? Some research shows you should look for someone who does what you do.

If one person in the relationship is fitness/image orientated, is the other required to be also? Or are we ‘allowed’ as such to put on the baby love few kilos, you know at the beginning when all you do is eat, spend time in bed, eat, drink wine, spend time in bed…

Must you have the same interests, the same music tastes, the same ideals? What traits are ok to compromise, and what isnt? Would you rather be with someone rather than no one? (If the answer is yes here, perhaps you need to spend some time cultivating self love and learning to be ok in your own company).

‘When you stop trying to find the right man and start becoming the right woman, the right man will find his way to you.’ Cher

How can you find your perfect match? How alike can you be and how different can your interests be?

‘You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover’s arms can only come later when you’re sure they won’t laugh if you trip. ‘ Jonathan Carroll, “Outside the Dog Museum”

I remember a time when a friend of mine kept a ‘list’, in fact researching this post I’ve found this same advice numerous times. This list was composed of qualities that she wanted in a man, some article from some women’s magazine had advised to keep this list under your pillow at night (as if you could dream your perfect man into reality). Does this work?

Now, I do have to disagree with this as whilst I am one for creating lists (goals, to-do etc), Im unsure about creating a ‘perfect man/woman’ list. What happens if the person you meet fails to tick a box? Because they don’t pass the list 100% does that mean they aren’t worthy of investing your time?

‘Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.’ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939, translated from French by Lewis Galantière

What are we prepared to compromise in order to find our true loves? Are you prepare to look beyond your traditional type? (For me the typical, tall dark nad handsome makes my heart flutter :)

I know alot of women (myself included) who have the tendency to always go for the ‘bad;’ guy, you know the one with no respect, no care or appreciation of who you are, your time, or the real canada goose parka jackets store at toronto you do, and always end up getting hurt, therefore making statements like ‘i just want a nice guy’. When the ‘nice/good’ guy comes around, they either get bored or friend zone him and chase the guy that didn’t want them and treated them badly (because they are addicted to the drama, I speak from previous experience).

This is one fact I know for sure, that when you develop feelings and fall in love with someone, everything they do, everything they are is beautiful. Because you fall in love with who they are, their soul.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please comment or feel free to email me charlie@charliedehaas.com.au

Are you in a like/like relationship? Are you in an opposite/opposite relationship? Let me know, as a single girl in the city, following my dreams, the dating world intrigues me :)

Love & light, Charlie x.

{As for me, I do believe the appropriate quote is true}

‘Mr. Right’s coming, but he’s in Africa and he’s walking!’ Unknown Author


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Hello There…

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to present to you my very first VLog. Please note that cheap canada goose women’s tremblant full zip hoody is my very first one so don’t give me too much of a hard time… haha

I’d also like to mention that, although I said in the video that I felt alone when I was diagnosed with cancer, I certainly didn’t mean physically. I had so much love and support around me from family and friends – I am a very lucky girl. At the time though, I started doing research and looking online and I didn’t feel as though any other young girls were going through this. I now know that cheap canada goose women’s tremblant full zip hoody affects lots of young people – I just couldn’t find them at the time!

If you have a crappy internet connection or simply don’t want to watch the video, the gist of it goes something like this:

*Thank you so much for your love and support over the last couple of years – you guys rock!

*As you probably know, I’m now working as an eco-model and one of my clients is the fabulous Sanctus Stones. If you watch the vid you’ll see just how beautiful their pieces are.

Oh and I didn’t get a chance to tell you about everything that comes in the package when you order a piece from them – it would have gone for at least another 10 minutes if I had! One cheap canada goose women’s tremblant full zip hoody I wanted to tell you about was that they give you the cutest little booklet to help you get started in achieving your dreams. There is even a space for you to put your dreams down on paper so that you can start working towards them. Honestly, they think of everything.

Sanctus Stones have just released a new American Indian inspired collection called the Warrior Collection. There is even a piece inspired by my journey which will assist you to overcome great difficulties with inner peace and inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed my first VLog – I’m sure there will be more to come!

Amanda xx


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Recently we received a shipment from noted fashion designer Neil Barrett and instantly we all feel in love with the sleek lines and clean shapes that his clothing represents.

Originally a menswear designer, Barrett has branched into the women’s market with great success and respected praise. With houses such as Gucci and Prada under his belt, Barrett naturally transitioned into an experienced independent designer.

Such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Kate Hudson are heading to Barrett for their wardrobe and styling needs.

We are proud to carry an assortment from Neil Barrett’s Fall 2012 collection at our TNT locations. For more information please contact any of our stores.


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Cathy Jo Nelson’s Professional Thoughts
Now I’ve heard canada goose snow mantra us store all! I think I may be allergic to work, but allow me to explain. I am new at a school that just underwent a major renovation. The library acquired a state of the art video production studio and new shelving. The office was carpeted along with the renovations. This was finalized on November 8th, and I was allowed to begin scheduling the studio for use. We jumped in with both feet and never looked back.

Then the gradual discomfort and itching began. I attributed it to allergies in general, after all who wasn’t walking around with a sniffle? In SC, we have allergens of different kinds all year around–there is no off season. Then I began thinking I was reacting to a sinus infection, though I’d never had that kind of reaction before. I began consulting “doctor internet” and “doctor twitter,” asking for advice and what on earth it could be. I posted pictures to twitter so my friends could see what I was facing. (I had even let dr internet convince me I had shingles in my eyes–ouch!) The first post to twitter about the issue was made on November 18th.

I even posted a picture (I am so brave) to share so folks could grasp the severity of the situation.

Since this picture is really embarrassing, you can just visit the flickr picture to get a good view (and laugh). Most of my Twitter friends were strongly recommending I go to the doctor. But I had an eye doctor appointment coming on the next Friday, and would be leaving to go back home to Rock Hill (170 miles away) for that appointment. So I delayed the visit, leaving Myrtle Beach Thursday right after school, and spending the night at home before going to a 2:00PM appointment. But miraculously the next morning 90% of the swelling was gone, and I wasn’t itching at all. It was a miracle, or so I thought.

At my doctor’s appointment I did not even mention the rash or swelling. No evidence of it anyway…But I did return to school the next week. But by this time, I had a full scale head cold that I suffered through right up to Thanksgiving, and so attributed the returned rash and itching to being sick (again, even though I’d never had that reaction before.) After the head cold subsided, the itchiness remained. So I began to think I was having an allergic reaction to possibly my cats, which I only see on the weekends now. It was the only rational canada goose snow mantra us store I could think of, so I began taking Clariton daily, which did seem to help some. The itchiness was still there, but only a minor nuisance, and by this time I had become increasingly aware of it, and tried desperately to NOT rub or scratch my eyes. So there was a significant decrease in the redness or swelling. During my two week break I had NO signs or symptoms. None. But was taking a Clariton daily, and assumed that it was finally keeping the discomfort to a minimum.

Fast forward to yesterday, January 2, a workday at school. I spent a lot of time at my desk doing canada goose snow mantra us store and time in the studio getting it ready for a live broadcast from the studio and from a remote location. I was clear and fine when I arrived at school. But by lunch time all those symptoms had returned with a vengeance. At home last night, most of it went away. Note to self-at school, irritation flares up; away from school, irritation fades and disappears. Today at school, once again, the irritation flared up with a nasty vengeance again. As I was talking with a friend at school, we both realized the itchiness started around the time all the construction was done. The studio was finished and made available to us, and the library offices were carpeted (they had previously been tile.) Notice date on this tweet. November 8.

This is almost exactly when I noticed that my eyes were constantly itching. I just never made a connection to the construction or perhaps even the new flooring.

But I did ask my twitter network if anyone thought I could be be allergic to mold, mildew, or allergens in the library, getting several responses to make me beleive this. I even picked up the phone and called my principal, asking if we might could have the library tested for somethng causing my discomfort. Her suggestion is to come to school tomorrow but stay out of the library–to see if the irritation returns. She is the one that suggested it may be the new carpeting that was laid down in the office and the studio…So tomorrow I work all around the building and not in the library. I will be in the auditoruim for class meetings (helping kids with PPT presentations for 3 different class meetings,) and then I’m going shopping for some school accessories we have determined we need. I’ll drive back to Myrtle Beach for this shopping trip. If at the end of the school day I am free of irritation, my principal is going to call the district office to see what kinds of tests they can conduct. What do I think needs to happen? I want a air cleaner (thanks for the idea Carolyn) and I want to go back to tile in the office and studio. I don’t know if the studio will have sound problems with a tile floor, but by golly I’ll be a heck of a lot healthier and happier.

Last, if it hadn’t been for my Twitter network tonight, I wouldn’t have even thought about the “library” possibly causing all my discomfort. Thanks, network! I hope this is resolved soon, as the irritation makes me look ten years OLDER. Arggg.


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Samsonite Viz Air Plus Laptop Backpack – Review
Laptop backpack by Samsonite with extra protection for your laptop and a large main section.

“Air Bumpers” run across the base and base sides to protect your laptop if discount canada goose vostok parka drop the backpack.

The shoulder straps and back panel are padded.

The backpack can also be carried with the top handle.

There is an elasticated water bottle holder on one side and a zippered pocket on the other.

A small soft-lined pocket is at the front of the backpack which would be useful for a phone or media player.

The front pocket is designed for a tablet and also has some other smaller pockets.

The main section is a large empty cavity with a sleeve for paperwork, discount canada goose vostok parka would fit a pair of shoes and a change of clothes.

The laptop compartment is soft-lined and padded and can also be locked with a luggage lock. (fits up to 15.6″ laptop)

The backpack will slide over the handle of a suitcase.

Overall: The Samsonite Viz Air Plus Laptop Backpack is lightweight and gives good protection for your laptop. The majority of space is given to the main section so if you need to carry a change of clothes then this would be a good discount canada goose vostok parka of pack. Despite being a regular black business bag the small yellow highlights give the bag a bit of style and the yellow interior colours


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Xperia arc S storms into Telstra

Ever taken a photo with your mobile phone in the heat of a moment (because cheap canada goose jacket chicago was the easiest cheap canada goose jacket chicago to get your hands onto) and realized later your moment ‘captured’ was not really that memorable after all – due to the lack of performance in the camera?

Welcome to 2012 – a very exciting year for technology. I was hoping to bring you more updates from the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas – but unfortunately was unable to be there in person. Given the literally hundreds of invitations to attend various cheap canada goose jacket chicago launches over the coming week, I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones with you.