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Generation nominal wipe a few oil, then quickly took him away. soul light… the depressed whisper, suddenly appeared in front of a figure, color Everbright put. See it, the eyes shine, heart dark bright ah! Gusteau canada goose men’s freestyle vest tan 2015 guys dead above the clouds, God of cookery pulled wolf has drifted a long, below many clouds, can not see the scenery. God of cookery brother you say stay where you how do we have in our world he is ready for later child God, so canada goose men’s freestyle vest tan 2015 started acting plan. entrance Hei hei little MM looks that stay in the very far, or well be here say God of cookery laugh like peach blossom, sexual harassment has been extended to the wolf slim waist, lesbian biological eat tofu, makes him a themselves based division of nausea feeling. Gusteau has enough to eat tofu, start the solution belt… brother first teach you warm bed watching has started off white iron chef, he smiled, and said God of cookery brother you Is canada goose men’s freestyle vest tan 2015 right Later said, old. Got a big sausage? to start the child abuse ah not God… hey? How do you know my heritage soul technology?…. Not good!!!!!!! Chef open zipper to half, write on the face full of shock, immediately the white robes to wear well, will still be a wolf down. MD you TM really is to bring me down oh. State!!! He punches the chef Gusteau upset, covering his face with his explanation not ah! Just.. Just at that moment, there was a God, the LORD God level close to the strength of God through! the author has a word to say to you love sad please hit votes sad, thank you support! Refuse sad will continue to fuel. I will try my best to write before school starts!!! Figure 1 blood donation workers… Cheap St Louis Cardinals Jerseys CP|W900|H600|AL|Uhttpfile2.qidian.comchapters20118141963599634489097270109080914517.jpg blonde strong woman climbed snow CP|W900|H600|AL|Uhttpfile1.qidian.comchapters20118141963599634489101713805000852008.jpg 200 the angel of God transtypetran,srcu8f88u2019u540du4e49u63e9u4e86u51e0u4e0bu6cb9uff0cu7136u540eu5febu901fu5e26u7740u4ed6u98deu8d70u3002 u3010u9b42u6de1u3002u3002u3002u3011u6d77u795eu90c1u95f7u7684u5600u5495uff0cu7a81u7136u9762u524du51fau73b0u4e86u4e00u4e2au8eabu5f71uff0cu5f69u5149u5927u653eu3002

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Art & Culture Guide to Castlemaine
Every Sunday in December @ The Bridge Hotel Sean McMahon’s Western Union The band will be playing songs off Live at the Last Hotel, the band’s latest album which is a journey through heartfelt alt-country soul that beautifully conveys the story of this exceptional singer/songwriter’s love affair with the American songbook and a 1930s Kay guitar. … [Read more…]

The Monster Meeting Project It was here on 15 December 1851, on what was called the Forest Creek diggings, that 15,000 gold diggers attended a protest meeting – The Monster Meeting. It was the first such public protest in Australia. The diggers met to defy the Victorian Government’s unfair Gold License, and to strike a blow for democracy in … [Read more…]

Linda Jackson running an Avoca workshop and exhibition Celebrated Australian fashion designer, painter and photographer Linda Jackson, in association with RMIT University, will host a workshop and exhibition, An Afternoon with Linda Jackson, at Watford House, Avoca, on Saturday, 8 December. The five-hour afternoon event is open to the general … [Read more…]

Jarrad from The Eagle and The Worm Scott Sanders talks to Jarrad from Eagle and the Worm about the new single Give Me Time, the new EP Strangelove and the upcoming tour – and their date at the Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine- 23rd November. … [Read more…]

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist’s representations of the body using discarded clothing raise issues of identity and the tension between psychology and biology. Repurposing used fashion items reflects re-imagined histories, imbuing new life in the shedded skins of the past. Blurring boundaries between the outer shell and the inner core, Eliza-Jane’s highly … [Read more…]

Old Fire Station, Templeton St, Castlemaine Brought to canada goose montebello parka in white for sale by the Public Inn Sat 24th Nov. 1 p.m. Join us for our decadent lunch that takes inspiration from abundant spring produce, sourced entirely within the Goldfields and surrounding regions. Our eight course degustation menu will have each dish linked to the next through the use of a … [Read more…]

One of the world’s leading fiddle and piano duos, Catherine Fraser and Duncan Smith show true mastery in performance, not just of their instruments, but of the Scottish fiddle idiom. Drawing on Catherine’s Scottish heritage canada goose montebello parka in white for sale have breathed fresh life into the traditional repertoire as well as composing many beautiful original melodies, … [Read more…]

Christmas Art Exhibition Opening Friday 23rd November: 7.00- 9.00pm Group Show featuring: Peter Watts, Emma Jane Christie, Anu Patel, Donna Fearne, Alexandre Prado, Karol Igawa, Helen Kelly, Simon Brisbane & Frank Veldze Featuring Special Guests – The Contessa and Friends Before canada goose montebello parka in white for sale embarks on her Grand European Tour, the Contessa will … [Read more…]

Mystified @ VAC Bendigo An exhibition of work by photographic artist Maggie MacCathie-Nevile and poet Jessica Raschke that explores the shadowy boundaries between dreaming and waking life. Exhibition dates: 7 November – 2 December 2012 La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre 121 View Street, Bendigo … [Read more…]

La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre: Bendigo Through My Eyes: Michael Cook Michael Cook is a Brisbane-based photomedia artist of Bidjara heritage whose work addresses colonial narratives and histories through personal experience and Indigenous eyes. Through My Eyes is a photographic project which portrays every Australian Prime Minister, from … [Read more…]


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Information AboutPatterson Law Medical Malpractice
A patient who wishes to bring forth a medical malpractice claim must keep in mind that canada goose montebello parka wasaga sand outlet carry the burden of proving the doctor caused their injuries. This burden is known as causation. There are two methods courts use to determine causation; the “but-for test” and, the “material contribut… Read more »

When the privacy of personal health records is breached, the damage to patients can be tangible, such as financial damage, or intangible, such as emotional or psychological damage. Many provinces have enacted privacy legislation that applies specifically to health information. However, as the recent… Read more »

There is, by necessity, some latitude granted to parties who start an action for medical malpractice. Unlike their counterparts, most patients (or their family members) do not have the specialized medical or technical knowledge required to pinpoint exactly what went wrong in a given procedure. In ma… Read more »

Generally speaking, the plaintiff in a medical malpractice case must show on a balance of probabilities that “but for” the defendant’s actions, the injury would not have resulted. Although the plaintiff always has the burden to prove causation, in certain instances, the “but for” standard… Read more »

A patient’s treatment plan often includes various practitioners working collaboratively with their physician to return canada goose montebello parka wasaga sand outlet to good health. This can mean involving medical professionals from various fields. However, just because the canada goose montebello parka wasaga sand outlet is different, does not mean there is any less of a burden on… Read more »


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Private Lenders & Construction Financing
Even though the posted interest rate on a construction
loan from a bank is likely going to be cheaper or
lower than a private mortgage lender on a similar deal,
most construction financing under $2 million typically
comes from private lenders. Which leads us to the key
reasons why a private construction loan can be more
popular with borrowers.
1. APPROVAL PROCESS: On average, private lenders
have a more streamlined application and approval
process than Banks. This allows a faster approval with
potentially less conditions and reporting requirements.
A bank or institutional lender will only provide a construction
loan if canada goose factory caledonia can be registered in a first position
while a private mortgage lender will consider second
mortgage security if there is sufficient equity in the
project to cover the lender’s risk.
2. DRAWS: A bank or institutional lender will not
typically advance any money until after the framing
stage. This will require the roof and all doors and windows
be properly installed. Funding up to that point is
your responsibility and an institutional lender may even
require you place part of the initial funding as equity
into the project. Once again, depending on your equity
position in the property where construction is taking
place, a private lender can advance you money at the
foundation stage of the project. This can make canada goose factory caledonia easier
to manage cash flow during early stages.
Furthermore, private mortgage lenders for home construction
loans tend to be more predictable with draw
advances in that the amount of funds forthcoming to
you to pay suppliers, trades, and contractors is going to
be well known and predictable in terms of amount and
timing. Generally the draw advance agreement from a

bank can result in draw reductions and delays as well,
requiring the borrower to have another source of capital
to draw on in the event of an advance issue.
3. EXIT STRATEGY: Private lenders do not generally
require a long-term mortgage in place prior to construction
to pay them out. Having a well-defined exit strategy
before construction starts is going to be a priority to
banks and institutional lenders. However, private mortgage
lenders don’t require a commitment to purchase the
property or fund a take out mortgage be in place prior to
funding the construction loan advances. This can provide
additional time and flexibility for the builder or property
owner to shop for the best available deal versus having
to accept the limited options available from the banking
group that prepared and provided the construction loan.
4. EQUITY: Bank financing will require an equity investment
of the total project costs of 25% to 30% in most cases.
Private lenders will require similar equity investments,
but typically do not have as many other lending/funding
criteria to meet compared to a conventional lender.
5. ADMINISTRATION: Private lenders, on average,
are far more straightforward when canada goose factory caledonia comes to construction
mortgage administration requirements and draw
advance administration.
Many people are surprised when they find out that most
construction financing is actually provided through
private mortgage lenders. Private lenders provide some
key benefits to property owners and builders that more
than make up for a slightly higher cost of financing. 
Omid Jalili is a Broker

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Art In The Park Bundeena
I grew up in Bundeena and have a lot of love for the artistic community, natural beauty and inspirational characters parka canada goose trillium femmes outlet online bump into every day. Although I’ve been an ex-Bundo for 3 years now, I make sure I attend Art In The Park every year – it’s a fantastic local event! One of the best art festivals in the Sutherland Shire, Art in The Park is spread over 3 days and features internationally known Bundeena & Maianbar artists (and trust me, there are many!).

Friday Night: Opening Night at Bundeena School Hall. $20 entry, enjoy art, canapés and jazz music

Saturday 10am -4pm: Art show with over 60 participants. Only $2 entry and children get in free

Sunday 10am -4pm: Art show plus large market day. Pick up just about anything at these stalls; books, clothes, old and new, bric-a-brac, toys etc. There will also be kids entertainment, a children’s art show and food stalls.

Art in The Park is a great excuse to hop parka canada goose trillium femmes outlet online the cute ferry from Cronulla and enjoy a family friendly day out. Plus it’s Bundeena Public School’s main fundraiser for the year so your money is going back into the community!

For more information see: Art in The Park Bundeena


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Baptized faithful are called to active participation in divine worship
In my previous canada goose expedition parka koko 2015 I introduced the “internal” (also called the “spiritual” or “interior”) aspect of “active participation” of the assembled faithful at Holy Mass. This “internal” place is where we encounter Christ in the deepest part of our being. Allow canada goose expedition parka koko 2015 to continue to explore this theme.

Contrary to popular opinion, “active participation” in the liturgy did not begin with the Second Vatican Council. Rather, the Council’s document canada goose expedition parka koko 2015 the Liturgy was a culmination of liturgical theology that evolved over many years, especially from the time of Pope Pius X at the beginning of the 20th century.

The notion of “active participation” of the faithful was addressed in official Church documents as far back as 1903 when Pope Pius X discussed “active participation [by the faithful] in the sacred mysteries and in the public and solemn prayer of the Church.” (Tra le sollicitudini, Nov. 22, 1903).

Twenty-five years later in 1928, his namesake Pope Pius XI, revived this theme in Divini cultus calling for the faithful to “more actively participate in divine worship.” According to this pope, the assembled faithful “should not be merely detached and silent spectators, but, filled with a deep sense of the beauty of the Liturgy.” Like his predecessor (and later his successor), Pope Pius XI explained that the baptized faithful are to take “an active part in the venerated mysteries and the public solemn prayers of the Church.” Such “active participation” was to be achieved in an exterior way by singing, etc., and in an interior way by considering the aesthetic quality of the liturgy so as to inspire the individual to enter more intimately into the sacred mysteries.

Later, Pope Pius XII continued this theme in his encyclicals, Mystici Corporus (June 29, 1943), and Mediator Dei (Nov. 20, 1947). True, active participation by the faithful, according to this pope, was not merely external, mechanical movements and gestures but an internal disposition that was intimately related to one’s baptismal union with Christ in His Mystical Body, the Church.

In 1958, a more comprehensive instruction called De musica sacra was issued by the Sacred Congregation of Rites with the following points:

• The Mass of its nature requires that all those present participate in it, in the fashion proper to each.

• This participation must primarily be interior (i.e. in union with Christ the Priest; offered with and throug


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Sumry is more than just another pretty face in the online resume game
On traditional resumes, many applicants look identical and recruiters are left choosing the those who sound the best on paper. This is problematic because if one applicant has all the right experience and skills for the job but gets overlooked because their resume is poorly written, then they miss out simply because they were unable to sell themselves. On the flipside, an applicant can look outstanding on paper and not deliver on the promise. A traditional resume is not only a nuisance to write, canada goose expedition parka 3xs 2015 can also widen the communication gap between a job seeker and recruiter.

Hanson believes that while resumes are very old school and static – as canada goose expedition parka 3xs 2015 doesn’t adequate adequately represent the value of the job seeker – the issue goes much deeper. He explains, “Most companies and hiring managers are asking for their applications in the form of a resume. That means that they’re automatically prioritising skills over character.”

“We believe Sumry helps alleviate this issue by helping job seekers stand out and helping companies get to know applicants better, earlier in the process.”

Launched publicly in January this year, the idea for Sumry spawned from the very common frustration that Kade experienced when applying for a job. He was unhappy about “how the traditional resume presented [the job seeker] as a cog in the machine.”

“It’s just a list of meaningless skills against a faceless name,” he says.

Kade started designing his ideal resume as a PDF but realised that most people scanning the resume will do so on a mobile device.

“The next step was obvious, build canada goose expedition parka 3xs 2015 on a responsive, accessible medium – the web,” says Kade.

He landed his dream job as Product Designer, which he credits (at least partially) to the visual appeal of his resume. At the same time, though, he wanted to liberate others from the sterile traditional resume.

“So I turned my humble little resume into a service that allowed anyone to easily create a beautiful looking online resume that told their story about what t


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Fair@Square encourages virtues of ethical choices
Fair@Square is a three-day event, which began in 2009 to great acclaim.

An initiative of Moral Fairground, the Victorian-based social enterprise, and supported by City of Melbourne and Australian Ethical, Fair@Square is the most recognised and attended ethical festival in Australia and only fair trade event, promoting ethically responsibly consumer choice.

With a diverse range of exhibitors and extensive educational activities, forums and workshops to engage, educate and inspire a more sustainable way of life, Fair@Square encourages ethical consumer canada goose montebello maroon for sale and provides the chance for everyone to share, partake-in and celebrate the virtues of ethically aware living.

Hosting this years’ event and the Awards evening, when the winner of the inaugural Ethical Enterprise Award will be announced, will be Carolyn Tate, recognised ethical business leader and author of The Conscious Marketing Revolution, soon to be released with Wiley’s.

The Ethical Enterprise Award, which was launched in July, recognises and celebrates the achievements of Australia’s most inspirational enterprise.

The Ethical Enterprise Award was open to all businesses large or small, for profit or not which has had a positive social and economic impact through innovative ethical trade practices.

“Fair@Square 2013 is our time to celebrate the importance and value of an ethically and environmentally conscious society and the benefits canada goose montebello maroon for sale brings to communities,” explained Ms Tate.

“There are an ever increasing number of inspirational organisations and businesses in Australia that promote an ethically responsible way or life and conscious leadership.

Fair@Square presents a wonderful opportunity to showcase these initiatives – providing the opportunity for us to share and discover the far-reaching benefits canada goose montebello maroon for sale bring,” concluded Ms Tate.

A range of programs will run over throughout with fair-trade events that encompass all facets of life, including sustainable cooking, ethically responsible fashion, consumer retail and living choices, stories and educational workshops, play and entertainment.

Sharing their stories and unique tales of commitment and success will be Malcolm Rands, the founder of Eco Store and author of Eco Man, Melanie Raymond, Chair of Youth Projects and Dougal Edwards, Chief Executive of B Lab ANZ, which is currently establishing the Australasian arm of the ‘B Corporation’ to redefine success and encourage businesses to profit with purpose and Y Gap Founder and Feast of Merit co-founder Elliot Costello.

The Fair Kitchen, hosted by chef Ian Curley from The European, Sam Newton of My Kitchen Rules, Elliot Costello and Vasili from Vasili Garden will be serving up some delicious, sustainable and ethical meals.

Fair Fashion, hosted by Lara Shannon, Founder of Eco Chick and host of Eco TV, will be looking at the fashion choices we make and the importance of sustainable and ethical brands, with a number of pop-up shows throughout the festival.

As part of the terrific array of family-orientated activities and workshops to inspire and educate, there will also be a program of short films that encompass stories of fair trade, community involvement and sustainable living; Bush medicine from the Western Desert in Central Australia; papermaking and bookbinding in Nepal; fashion from the Himalayas and sewing in Cambodia.

The festival, which is also supported by Eco Store and Feast of Merit, is free to attend, will run over the weekend and culminate on December 1.

For more information visit: www.moralfairground.com.au


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Alberta Fight Club

(Photo via Sarah’s ModelMayhem page. Full gallery is after the jump.) Props to BabesofMMA for turning cheap canada goose skreslet parka pink on to the beautiful Sarah Longbottom, an internationally published glamour model and MMA ring girl from Manchester, England, who has held round cards for BAMMA UK and Bushido Challenge, among other promotions. Get to know Sarah better on her Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out more of our favorite Sarah Longbottom photos in the gallery below.

(Photo via Sarah’s ModelMayhem page. Full gallery is after the jump.) Props to BabesofMMA for turning cheap canada goose skreslet parka pink on to the beautiful Sarah Longbottom, an internationally published glamour model and MMA ring girl from Manchester, England, who has held round cards for BAMMA UK and Bushido Challenge, among other promotions. According to this interview with TheSmokingJacket, Sarah claims that the sexiest part of a man’s body is “the thigh and groin area” (!), and cheap canada goose skreslet parka pink once had sex in a graveyard. Huh. Get to know Sarah better on her Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out more of our favorite Sarah Longbottom photos in the gallery below. And if for some reason you’re interested in seeing her with her clothes off, hit the “next page” link for a bonus NSFW set of photos…


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Soupcan Stubby Holders
We didn’t have to go far to find a reviewer for this weeks review product, Stubby Holders from Soupcan.

Soupcan are proud that they are one of the few Australian manufacturers of Stubby holders, who compete with offshore products.
Their holders are made from premium neoprene (5+mm wetsuit material) fabric, have double stitched seams and they overlock the top and bottom of the holders!
Soupcan Stubby Holders is a premium supplier of stubby holders for weddings, bucks & hens nights, sports clubs and small business’. Soupcan started out producing stubby holders for fun, funky designs to sell at local markets. After designing a few wedding stubby holders for friends, Soupcan became a stubby holder supplier specialising in Weddings.
Since then we have branched out to supply all of Australia and from time to time we get orders from Overseas… only a lucky few who understand the genius of stubby holders.
Soupcan is based in Adelaide, South Australia, and supplies all of Australia. Being in the middle of Australia, this helps with all lead times of orders having roughly the same delivery time (3-5 days typically)

My husband saw the stubby holder sitting on the bar when he got home from work while he was directly on his way to the bar fridge – as is customary of course after a hard days work! He picked buy canada goose jacket banff up – surveyed buy canada goose jacket banff thoroughly and said, “ This is a good stubby holder.” I was intrigued. I said, “How do you know that, you haven’t even used buy canada goose jacket banff yet?” He gave me a look that any wife would recognize – that said, “You obviously don’t know anything about stubby holders”.

“Just look at that stitching,” he said. “It’s not glued like those cheap ones you get, this one is a quality stubby holder.”

OK, I couldn’t argue with that. My husband has plenty of stubby holders and it’s true – a lot of the ones that we’ve thrown away had been glued and they’d split and come apart after a few uses.

“I’ll review this one right now”, he said and slipped in a cold one and went on his way to the shower.
After two more ‘testings’ his verdict came in.
“It’s good, it kept my beer cold right until the end, I like the material, it’s all good quality and can I keep it?”

Well to me that says it all – Soupcan Stubby Holders are worth checking out, especially before Christmas when you need all those extra stubby holders. They have an excellent website that is easy to navigate and very easy to order from. It’s a great place to order a few stubby holders as Christmas gifts too!

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