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Ke$ha vs Uffie
So by now, we’ve all figured out that the cool canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store to do before going out is to brush our teeth with a bottle of jack. At the present time, Ke$ha seems to have exploded everywhere. No matter where canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store go you can’t escape her curly blonde hair and wanna-be bad attitude. And along with her recent explosion the chit chat has begun. The blogshpere chit chat seems to be comparing Ke$ha to Uffie.

I agree with the comparisons. It feels as though record labels took the idea of Uffie and made canada goose femme chilliwack bomber noir store more mainstream and bankable. Hence the $ in Ke$sha’s name. I’m so embarrassed with whoever decided to spell her name like that. SERIOUSLY? $ERIOU$LY?

anyways you get the point, and I’m sure you all feel the same.

I was a huge Uffie fan back in grade 12. I would rock out in my bedroom with just a bra on pretending to be as bad ass as her. Due to my love for the Uff and her glock I have problems with Ke$ha. My biggest issue is that I just don’t believe her. I think she is more serious about her ripped up wet seal t-shirts than she is about her music. I mean I heard her being quoted somewhere that one of the groups she pulls inspiration from is LMFAO. That’s a huge problem.

But in the end I’m not sure if ripping off Uffie is that big of a deal. Besides morally being lame of course. But these two girls don’t even party in the same circle. And there similarities won’t really affect anyone except for pissed off Uffie loyalists. I don’t think their fans even over lap at all. If you listen to Ke$ha you probably don’t even know she is biting someone else’s style. And if you’re an Uffie die hard you probably don’t even know who the money loving Ke$ha is.


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Blogging has become an incredible online marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. A business can save thousands of dollars in paid advertising expenses while gaining valuable exposure and traffic. Blogs are a user-friendly, customizable and flexible medium for effective positioning of your canada goose chilliwack bomber women navy for sale in the market. Businesses using blogs to promote their business have a definite edge over their competitors and are seeing a number of advantages. To get that advantage, however, they do require careful planning and effective marketing.

Blog postings are appearing in search engine results faster than other website content. Post submitted through blogging tools like Blogger and WordPress are being fast tracked to search engine results. This means more backlinks for your business website and quicker, more up to date search engine placement for your business’ marketing message.

Blogs support and even encourage word of mouth viral marketing. According to a recent survey, there are currently 90 million blogs with 80,000 more being added each day and 30 percent of internet users are blog readers. The very nature of the blogging space with sites such as Technorati and Digg, quickly spread blog posts to the widest audience. Posts that become popular can quickly spread across hundreds or thousands of other blogs and social interaction sites.

Customer awareness and loyalty are enhanced. Having a open dialogue with your customers creates trust and loyalty among them. The ability to respond, almost in real time, to customer questions and comments makes them all the more willing to try your products and services.

Feedback can be instantaneous. Businesses can use blogs and their related comments for canada goose chilliwack bomber women navy for sale research and to solicit reviews. This rapid feedback mechanism could allow a business to make canada goose chilliwack bomber women navy for sale decisions based on almost real time observations of their customers’ thinking and behavioral patterns.

Businesses can gain a halo-effect because the ‘blogosphere’ has the reputation of being a place for reasonable, friendly, helpful and most importantly, personal interactions. Businesses that can embrace the culture of the environment can help assign the same characteristics to their products and services.

Notwithstanding the benefits, like any other business website, it is important that the content be well planned and thought out. Even with the informal nature of many blogs, it is important to remember that they still reflect on the business’ image, positively or negatively. The blog should reflect the values and objectives of the business as well as be reflective of the overall marketing efforts of the business.

Blogging is relatively straightforward, but to be done correctly does take effort and learning. There are several blogs dedicated to teaching people the do’s and don’ts of blogging. Be aware that blogs may have themes or be community based so make sure you aware of these before putting your business name out there. The easiest way, of course, to become familiar with the tone of the blog or social community is to spend time reading posts.

Like any website there are a number of things to keep in mind. Testing, testing and testing are important to make sure the blog meets business objectives. The tone of blogs may be more subtle to detect than standard websites, requiring frequent tweaks to get it right.

Be prepared in advance for a much higher level of content posting than normal with a more static website. Blogs, to be effective, need regular, even daily, infusions of fresh content to stay relevant and keep visitors’ attention.

As with a standard website, be aware of legal issues, disclaimers, notifications, copyright issues or other issues relevant to the business. The informal nature of blogs, as well as the higher volume of updates can create compliance issues if not carefully monitored.

Finally, once a business decides to invest in blogging, there are great ways to spread the word about the new blog. To get the best marketing results, it is essential to actively promote your business blogs through blog search sites and directories. Promotion and submissions should be consistent with your products, services or the theme of the blog to be most effective. Adding exclusive or member’s only information can also increase the likelihood that casual browsers will invest the time to follow the business’ postings.

Promotion of the blog can be almost automatic be creating and promoting Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds in conjunction with the blogs. Individuals and other, related, websites can view and display blog postings directly from their own websites or personal news readers. This allows the blog poster to essentially push posts to reader’s desktops instead of relying on them to visit the originating blog site.

Since search engine placement is essential for traffic volume the blog should make effective use of keyword phrases. Blogs are by definition very content heavy website, which afford amble opportunity to generate keyword rich copy. Keywords should be selected to ensure that relevant traffic is directed to the business blog.

In summary, a blog is a great way to promote a business. A number of advantages can be gained as long as the business plans well and takes the steps to properly promote its new blog.

Aubrey Jones is President and founder of Riverbank Consulting, Inc. Through Webs 4 Small Business he is able to bring SEO and other internet services to Small Business owners. He has been in the technology and internet industry for over 10 years building and managing large commercial internet services.


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More office party outfit ideas, inspiration by susiesawaya.com.au
Office / work parties can be a perfect opportunity to dress yourself to make a splash / be unrecognisable / look amazing. Its been proven with experiments that both women and men find dress more appealing and attractive than any other colour – so this could be an ideal opportunity for canada goose kensington parka xxs for sale to get out […]

This is THE season to let your hair down and bring out that style side of you, that you’ve been hiding behind the hustle and bustle of work. Clients have been contacting me asking me what to wear. Its honestly very simple if canada goose kensington parka xxs for sale pick items of clothing YOU are comfortable in. Regardless of the […]

Sorry I’m Late Recently featured Susie Sawaya Sydney shoes in an editorial photo shoot canada goose kensington parka xxs for sale did on Barbie.. It was called Lets Play. The very first and last Barbie models are wearing Susie Sawaya Sydney shoes. The far left model is wearing Susie Sawaya Sydney Kathryn Howard Stiletto Ankle Boot in baby pink sheepskin with contrasting baby […]

We have to say thank you to the fashion students in Hawaii for this collage. This POLYVORE Collage Create is based on the Exquisite & Beautiful Shoes of Susie Sawaya Sydney. We are absolutely inspired to build some amazing collage creates based on the beautiful heels of this amazing shoe arti


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Can You Hear Me Up the Back?
How impressive is Amelia Lester, a 26 year old Australian who has just been appointed managing editor of the New Yorker? Go Australian expats!

She started as a fact checker, a junior but indispensable role behind the scenes at any major magazine. Their job is to verify whatever the writers submit, make sure names and dates are correct, and generally make sure the publication isn’t held up to ridicule once they publish.

The fact checking urge has spread beyond the magazine world.

I was watching a presentation the other day, and the speaker was doing pretty well, making each point with breezy confidence. Then a voice from the back:

“Um… no manteau canada goose gatineau store isn’t.”

This was the voice of an amateur audience fact checker, armed with an iPhone. He’d checked something, found manteau canada goose gatineau store to be wrong, and brought manteau canada goose gatineau store up mid-speech. Not in a “you’re wrong, fool” sort of fashion, but more in an attempt to be helpful.

He wasn’t the only one stroking an iPhone back there, either.

So be warned. Whatever facts you’re planning to present, you’d better check them beforehand, at least to a basic Wikipedia level. Or risk an embarrassing interruption from the iPhone fact vigilantes.


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Website Design
If you’re in the market for a new website, or perhaps a redesign of your current website, then you’re in the right place.

First cheap canada goose womens mystique parka black first, understand that our #1 focus when designing websites for clients is to make sure they earn a profit from their new site.

We’re not here to simply produce “pretty” sites (although we can do so if you are willing to pay the graphic designer fees to achieve this) – we INSIST that your site be built to earn money, whether by selling your cheap canada goose womens mystique parka black and/or services off the site direct OR by capturing a potential sales lead’s contact details so you can continue to communicate and market to cheap canada goose womens mystique parka black until they buy (or die… ).

We also don’t do “brochureware” sites – sites that are just an online brochure for a business, because that would be going against our focus of designing sites that earn a profit. Brochureware sites are usually boring and couldn’t sell bottled ice water in the Sahara – yet many companies will happily invest $3000 – $5000 – even $10,000 for such a site! Craziness I say!


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Specialty Classes

A unique blend of song and dance to subtly help your infant or toddler develop basic motor skills and also strengthen important muscle groups. This program is under the influence of an occupational therapist who assisted in the planning of this program. The class will introduce toddlers to structured dance programs by using circle group song and dance led by an instructor, with individual activities to give canada goose bubble coat store a break from having to focus. The class is 45 minutes long. The room is very spacious and if moms feel like chatting our doing coffee afterwards, Tim’s is next door and there will be no scheduled classes immediately after canada goose bubble coat store so no rush to leave.

The Catz Meow is very fortunate to have two very talented, fresh, young ballroom dancers joining our faculty this year. Jerry and Nicole Glass are the proud owners of Dance Adventures Ballroom Dance Studio in Kingsville and are very excited to share ballroom dance with the Amherstburg community. The classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 8 to 9pm, no partner necessary. Please check out www.danceadventures.ca to learn more about these fabulous instructors and what canada goose bubble coat store will be offering as well as prices.


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Is the internet making everything shit? The Sweet Shop’s Claire Davidson finds out this and more on first day of Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity
Firstly, Blake Harrop (Managing Director) and Shingo Ohno (Art Director) from Weiden + Kennedy Tokyo Lab brought us a seminar on the “Internet Backstreets of Japan”. W+K Tokyo Lab was founded in 2003 as an experimental music label. The company has always had a special, deep, very genuine relationship with and love of street culture. Based on this, people in the street culture scene in Tokyo actively come to W+K to seek a relationship. W+K seeks to provide a platform – a global stage to give people doing interesting things an audience – and has helped musicians in various subcultures to record, publish, create music videos, create album concepts & art works, and produce events. It’s a collaboration pioneering and innovating the genre. The guys even gave us a live demo of an app they had developed – showcasing a audio mixer on their phones.

Fashion, handbag and luxury designers got on board early with the emerging street culture, and have been inspired to partner with these musicians, DJs, contemporary artists, graffiti artists, the Harajuku scene or other subcultures. The backstreets of Tokyo have long been a breeding ground for creative and underground industries, moving beyond Japan’s borders to have influence on a global scale.

Whilst this ‘fast fashion revolution’ was taking place, another group of young creative folk were experimenting with HTML, Flash and animation. This led to another movement, and rather than the Harajuku backstreets of Japan, all of a sudden everyone was looking at the internet backstreets of Japan.

Although Japan has a huge creative influence around the world, much of their inspiration is taken from the outside world. In 2012 this led to 500 people attending a black market event on the backstreets to buy internet goods. The idea came about when the organisers had their iPhone app rejected by Apple, and so they brought the internet to a real place where people could buy and sell stuff. Black market has a dual meaning – ‘darkness’ as well as ‘fetish / obsession’ – which only increased the intrigue. Fifty groups set up stalls to sell buy cheap canada goose wolverine on sale only relating to and unique to the internet. This underground community found Facebook and Twitter so structured and restrictive that they have instead created a restriction-free black market – to minimize the frustration. This allows freedom to the group, and – after all – freedom is why the internet should exist.

W+K Tokyo Lab left us with some notes for agencies and clients alike. Know who you are. Know what your strengths are. Know what is inspirational to you. Continue to be passionate about that inspiration and to create things with it. Be part of what you love.

Next up Will Sansom from Contagious brought us “Every Second Counts”. Sansom discussed the concepts of time – be it movable or fixed time. He started with the quote, “The web is the only four-dimensional media” coined by Joanna Wiebe (User Experience Designer), with time being the fourth dimension.

We hang on time. Look at how long it takes to upload something on the web, download a document or a general load to watch something. We’re all aware of time, and particularly digital time. We value our time. It takes us 400 milliseconds to blink. Nowadays if a website is 250 milliseconds slower than another site people are likely to be impatient enough to move elsewhere. Now that’s quite mind-boggling. People are likely to jump sites to a competitor based on this ¼ of a second. Wow.

Do we make time elastic? Do we package it up to share it in the future? Yes, we do, and we do cheat time. We sacrifice it for now for the future. Why do we document everything on our phones these days? For example, now we enjoy someone’s birthday with us all taking pictures on our phones and uploading them to Instagram or Facebook to enjoy in the future. It’s not about enjoying the birthday right now in the present and savouring that celebration.
Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, “When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it seems longer than any hour. That’s relativity”. So why today do we race so fast? Is it ever going to slow? At the moment, it doesn’t look so. We live in a complete saturation of multi media competing for our attention. And it looks like it will just continue to intensify. And thus brands need to get on this time train. Brands must compete for consumers today for their time just as much as they need to compete for the money they will spend.

Young people now switch media platforms on average 27 times per hour. So this has a huge impact on purchases of client products. We have today a digital urgency. Over 60% of people today use their phone for information on what buy cheap canada goose wolverine on sale they will buy, where they will buy it and at what price.

“Marketplace for Moments” is how and when differentiating brands now use technology to connect to customers at the precise moment that counts. Brands need to offer something of genuine interest. This exponentially increases the amount of time people spend with your brand.

“Augmented Experiences” is thinking about things in multiple dimensions. It’s about tapping into the increasing human behaviour to multi-task across multiple media channels. A brand’s focus is to think about the money (and more money) the customer will spend with you now and also in the future.

Sansom left us with three key statements to go home with:

Expediate or engage – focus relentlessly on adding value, whether by offering most elegant means to an end, or enhancing and deepening the user experience.

Manufacture serendipity – look for the moments that matter in the customer journey and establish a legitimate, consistent claim to them.

Be Creative with time – it’s a hugely adaptable tool that can help manifest and heighten ideas that are personal, precise, provocative and playful.

First up after lunch was Adam Ferrier, Co-Founder of Naked Communications, who brought us “Harnessing and Empowering Creativity to Effect Community Change”. Ferrier would have preferred his talk to be called “Harnessing Science and Creativity to Effect Community Change”. He would actually like Spikes Asia to be called the Festival of Science and Creativity, because with it just being The Festival of Creativity the ECD and the creative agency are becoming somewhat redundant. Creativity left on its own creates risk. More on science later.

Most brands have a community around them that ties people together. Those ties may be weak, they may be strong, they may bring about success, they may bring about sales. Brands can offer up an opportunity for collective action, and that is when creative solutions have transformed the community as a whole. Effective advertisers will steer this consumer behaviour toward the change they want to achieve. They need to of course choose behavior that is changeable as well as use behavioural spurs requiring motivation and ease. In essence, brands need to strengthen the ties of the community, and use creativity to transform this community behavior.

Ferrier (left) went on to say that ‘Collectivism’ is a movement that prioritises human interdependence, stressing the importance of cohesion within a group. He believes collectivism is ¾ science and ¼ creativity. Science is derivative, and finds out an understanding of things, seeing validations in categories.

We take a step back to look at the social science of the 1960s. Back then there were no ethics committees. Lots of fun, interesting experiments were happening. We can break down these into quarters:

Science obedience. When scientific experiments take place, those who are asked to do something by someone in authority would blindly walk into it and do it. If somebody tells you to do something people invariably will.

Science conformity. 60-80% of people undoubtedly go along with the conformity of a group. We herd like people. We copy via ‘social learning’. We are hardwired to accept our in-group.
Science action. If you get people to act first, they will change their thoughts and feelings to match that action. That’s the power of cognitive dissonance. If you want people to do something, don’t necessarily ask them, but ask them to ask someone else to do something. Action changes attitude much faster that attitude changes action.

Creativity Purpose. This is where a small task can take on a significant position. Give people a higher sense of purpose.

Ferrier presented a case study showing the toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap. They donate 50% of their profits to charity. To create the first campaign and get some hard needed monies donated, Naked used the CEO of the company to directly ask people for cash. They made it appear that people were already donating to the phenomenal cause. They wanted to give everyone a ‘Feel Good’ toilet experience every time.

This campaign raised $50,000 within 50 hours. Naked gave consumers the following:
a) Let people in on what you are doing – Create a Live Stream.
b) Thank people who donated – The Honour Roll
c) Show quotes, show HD Images – Content for Bloggers and The Journalists
d) Create a sense of urgency – include a Live Counter
e) Get the cash – Enable Donations
f) Allow corporate logos to appear – Sponsorship Bar
g) Allow the consumers to talk to you – Socially Enabled Comment Thread

To sum up, to change community, brands and advertisers need obedience, conformity, action and purpose.

Anita Caras, Head of Consumer Insights for Global Agency & Accounts at Microsoft brought us “Digital Divas: How Women Are Leading A Cross-Channel Shopping Revolution”.
The largest growing economic force in the world isn’t China or India – it’s women. WOOHOO!

By 2014, the global earning power of women will reach 18 trillion dollars. Wowzers. Females still lag by 25% in internet access, but drive growth in e-commerce. Globally, women represent nearly two-thirds of the untapped market for mobile growth.

Caras looked at a global case study carried out with Ogilvy, segmenting women based on their digital confidence, connectedness and influence.

Findings revealed that on average, Digital Divas make up 18% of users, Mainstream Users 50% and Digitals Outliers the remaining 32%. Digital Divas are the most connected women on the planet. Looking across the globe, Digital Divas are at their most populous at 22% in Russia, 23% in Saudi Arabia, and 26% in the UK.

Divas are most likely to be young, employed and urban. They are technologically fearless. They use and own multiple devises. One in five has more than 900 contacts or more, and they share their content with other women online. They express themselves online in ways they could never dream of expressing themselves when offline. One in four adopt an online identity. 73% of Divas sleep with their mobile phone (wow!), and this often leads to a loss of up to two hours sleep per night through staying up late using their digital devises (double wow!). Many feel that a life without their digital device would be like life in the dark ages. The mobile phone is the business partner, rather than the lover.

Digital devices have totally transformed how Divas shop. They are online buyers, not just online shoppers. 75% of Digital Divas buy online though their digital devices. They feel it’s fast, fun, easy, social, relaxing, spontaneous, exciting, controlled, transactional and rational. It’s opened them up to buying buy cheap canada goose wolverine on sale they had never seen before. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming and challenging. It would be good to have something to help cut through that digital clutter. They want a clear, clean and optimal shopping experience. Divas are decision makers. Often they would rather talk to their mobile phone rather than an in-store sales assistant. Even if Divas go to the physical shop to see and experience the product, they may well go back online to make the final purchase.

There are seven traits that savvy brands should heed and represent. Brands must be: curators, facilitators, problem solvers, synchronizers, co-creators, experience enhancers and deal makers.

Caras left us with six key takeways:
1) Target the alter egos
2) Edit and eliminate: structure choice
3) Put the therapy back into retail therapy
4) In-store = opening the experience not just closing the sale
5) Gamify to electrify
6) Create a sense of mastery

Ultimately 7/10 Digital Divas say that their digital devices have brought them cl


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Blue Murder at St. Trinian’s (1957)
If the first St. Trinian’s movie achieved a certain level of tolerable mediocrity, it’s almost impressive how quickly the crew decided to jettison all the pieces and instead continue to expand the copious and interminable subplots that dragged the first film down.

The sequel begins with Flash Harry, the bookie and front for the girls in the first film, working out of Italy, trying to sell one of the girls to an interested millionaire. While this smacks highly of, oh, say, prostitution, the movie tries to portray manteau trillium parka canada goose on sale in a lighthearted tone. That the millionaire can’t pick one girl from all their pictures; again, though now vaguely insultingly, none of the girls have their own personality.

The Sixth Forms back home are distressed that the millionaire can’t make up his mind, and they decide to scheme their way to Italy to meet him up close and personal. That the Italian millionaire can’t be assed to come meet the British bombshells himself speaks well towards any future romantic pairings.

The girls decide that to get to Italy to meet the man, they will have to break into the Ministry of Education and change the results of a contest between the schools as to make manteau trillium parka canada goose on sale appear that they won a pan-European vacation. There’s a long scene of a few dozen girls breaking into the Ministry’s vault in a riff on Rififi (1955) that really goes nowhere. But since the Ministry isn’t allowed to apply logic to any of actions and must always bend to the will of the screenwriter, they begin to plan St. Trinian’s trip.

Of course, everyone at the Ministry has actually been on edge. After the events of the first movie, Alaster Sim’s headmistress was sent to jail, and the Royal Marine Corps was actually sent in to try and deal with the girls. This is a nice bit of characterization for the girls were we to actually see the girls do anything. Instead, the army sits in a beleaguered bunker complaining of gunfire and expositioning a bit about what a terror those girls are. However, the Ministry must find the school a new headmistress before the army can back down and the girls can go to Europe.

MEANWHILE (dear God, I’m describing the plot on this one, manteau trillium parka canada goose on sale could take a while), one of the girls’ fathers is a jewel thief, and has absconded his way to the school to elude capture. After the girls went to all the effort to forge the contest, they don’t want to go to Europe without a headmistress that they have under their thumb, so they enlist him to put on a petticoat and be their new marm.

This leads to the Ministry having to find someone who’s desperate enough to actually drive the nationally famous and reckless girls across Europe. They finally find a man desperate enough, a man with a vaguely shady past but who is trying to do right on this trip. He’s played by British comedian Terry-Thomas in a vaguely bittersweet tone.

In the same tone is the policewoman from the first film, Joyce Grenfell plays the woman who barely survived going undercover at St. Trinian’s the first time. While it may sound like I’m joking about that, the police inspector who assigns her the job makes it clear that they’ve lost several officers there before– never to be seen again. To make matters worse, the inspector is the police woman’s fiance, and has been said fiance for the last fourteen years. While I’m sure there’s the possibility for humor coming from a woman being intentionally murdered by her prissy and assholish fiance, Grenfell’s character is so sweet and the inspector such an inhumane prissy douche that any humor is drained from the situation.

It isn’t helped that Thomas and Grenfell fall in love during the long voyage, and that Grenfall decides to leave Thomas at the very end to return to her police inspector fiance for no reason other than pity. He still seems pretty miffed that she survived again; that he is still not the most unappealing character in the film is a truly monumental achievement.

Flash Harry gets my vote on the most unappealing character. His character feels like he’s supposed to be a smooth talking lothario, but played here he comes off as a skeezy slimeball; without any major female characters to play against, he’s not just a pimp, but a ringleader and master. The women all work at his beck and call as he tries to get them to sexy up and work harder for their invisible millionaire, and the actor goes the whole nine to fully invoke the audience’s revulsion.

When those plots have been resolved and everyone goes home in a miserable fashion, this dreary dreary film finally ends. And, sadly, since I wrote these reviews after I watched all of these movies, this series is only going to get much, much worse.

Directed by Frank Launder
Starring Terry-Thomas


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Saint-Lambert | my destination
The Saint-Lambert tout en saveurs summer market: a new format… but as delicious as ever! Saint-Lambert, April… Read more

(Français) Ce mois-ci, notre styliste Ryma Brixi sort des sentiers en cheap canada goose shop in toronto for sale proposant un nouveau genre de chronique, mais toujours dans le domaine du magasinage. En cette période de Noël où cheap canada goose shop in toronto for sale êtes probablement à effectuer vos emplettes de Noël pour la famille et pour les amis, elle vous présente ses 8 raisons pour effectuer ses achats à Saint-Lambert. Continue reading →

Looking for a new dining experience in Saint-Lambert? Bidon Taverne Culinaire offers innovative rustic bistro cuisine in a contemporary ambience. The IN place to eat in Saint-Lambert.

Café Passion offers a wide variety of menu cheap canada goose shop in toronto for sale for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a relaxed and friendly ambiance. Our generous dishes and the delicious menu of the day selections will not disappoint! Catch some hockey action during big screen broadcasts of the Canadiens’ games.

Conveniently located in the heart of Saint-Lambert, Kapetan is a family restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our reception hall is perfect for business meetings, weddings, group parties, and a host of other occasions. We use fresh, quality ingredients prepared simply but with imagination to create dishes that are sure to please.


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Richard Crouse
Appearing in one of the movies! I was in Red Alert, a short that played before the movie Wet Bum. IT’s not enough that I cover 100 movies during the fest, now I have to be in them too! I even got a review. “@richardcrouse is great in Red Alert…” Mike Bullard wrote on twitter. “I’d like to tell you I didn’t know he was a redhead but I knew… I just knew ok.”

In person Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice sounds like hot melting wax. I liked Sherlock well enough and have seen him in several movies, but for me, and I know I’m the last to get it, his performance in The Imitation Game is a game changer. He plays real-life character Alan Turing, a Cambridge mathematician who volunteers to help break Germany’s most devastating WWII weapon of war, the Enigma machine. It was a top-secret operation, classified for more than 50 years, but that wasn’t Turing’s only secret. Gay at a time when homosexuality was illegal, punishable by jail or chemical castration, he was forced to live a world of secrets, both personal and professional.

Robert Pattinson telling me about how Hollywood was before camera phones: “When I first started going to LA everyone was underage and if you were a famous actor the rules did not apply. You could be a sixteen-year-old and go into a club but now that there are camera phones everywhere that doesn’t exist anymore. That period was so weird. You’d see a fourteen-year-old actor wasted, doing lines of blow on the table. It was crazy. Now they just do canada goose parka outlet trust 2015 at their parent’s house.”

Julie Taymore telling me that A Midsummer Night’s Dream “It was the first play I ever saw. I saw canada goose parka outlet trust 2015 here in Canada at the Stratford Festival…”

Michael Moore’s answer to my question about his reaction to all the celebrity he gained after appearing at TIFF 25 years ago with Roger and Me: Asked what was going through his head while all this was swirling around him, Moore says: “Why didn’t I go to Jenny Craig three months ago?”

“I don’t know where they are,” Kingsley says about his characters, “if they’re inside me waiting to come out or whether they are outside of me. Are they hunting me or am I hunting them? I don’t know.”

Repairing Dustin Hoffman’s watch. During a roundtable interview the alarm on his watch went off several times. He gave canada goose parka outlet trust 2015 to me and I looked up the instructions on how to fix it on Google. “How did it you look it up on line? They have instructions to fix Timexes on line? I don’t automatically go to those things,” he said. During the interview he said: “I was told to take acting. Nobody flunks acting.” Later he said that it wasn’t such a bad choice because, for instance, “No one ever says, ‘I want to be a critic when I grow up.’”

Lowlight… waiting for BIll Murray for seven hours. (Although I love this from @ZeitchikLAT: Bill Murray, offering implicit proof on the merits of Bill Murray Day: “If this is really my day, why do I have to do so much work?”)

Sitting next to next to Boo Radley, Bill Kilgore and Tom Hagan. (Robert Duvall!)

Most quotable actors of the festival? Robert Duvall who said, about acting, “There’s no right or wrong just truthful or untruthful.” He calls Billy Bob Thornton “The hillbilly Orson Welles…” and said “Brando used to watch Candid Camera.” Jane Fonda was a close second when she said acting is great for the heart but terrible for the nerves… “Butts have become more in fashion… (since Barbarella) and “Television is forgiving to older women and making it possible for us to have longer careers.”

“I have distilled socialism in this box and am taking it back to America.” – Robert Downey Jr in my roundtable interview.

#TIFF14 socks day 3. Chris O’Dowd called them “powerful.” and Rosamund Pike said, “I’m enjoying your socks. They make me happy.”

Watching “Whiplash” knock the socks off an audience at an IMAX P&! screening. It is part musical—the big band jazz numbers are exhilarating—and part psychological study of the tense dynamics between mentor and protégée in the pursuit of excellence. The pair is a match made in hell. Teacher Fletcher, played by J.K. Simmons is a vain, driven man given to throwing chairs at his students if they dare hit a wring note. He’s an exacting hardliner who teaches by humiliation and fear. This movie doesn’t miss a beat.

Love this quote: “Being in the military,” said Adam Driver of This Is Where I Leave You, “believe it or not, is very different than being in an acting school.”